Solidia is a cement and concrete technology company, offering patented green solutions that make it easy and profitable to use CO2 to create superior, sustainable building materials. The technology has the potential to eliminate a minimum of 1.5 gigatonnes of CO2 each year.

Solidia provides two core technologies:

1) A sustainable cement manufacturing technology, which can be produced in traditional cement kilns using less energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions during manufacture by 30-40%

2) A sustainable concrete curing technology, curing concrete with CO2 instead of water, permanently and safely consuming 240 kg of CO2, and potentially saving 3 trillion liters of fresh water every year.

Solidia Cement has been successfully produced on 2 continents, and Solidia Concrete has been successfully demonstrated in over 50 concrete manufacturing facilities in 10 countries worldwide.

Moreover, Solidia introduces Artificial Intelligence into concrete production thanks to its intelligent curing process - reducing waste, improving quality control and system optimization, ultimately ushering one of the world’s oldest industries into the digital age.

Solidia’s technologies address the carbon challenge from both ends - first, reducing CO2 emissions in the production of Solidia Cement, and second, utilizing and consuming CO2, permanently turning it into calcium carbonate in the production of Solidia Concrete.

Solidia Cement:

  • reduces CO2 emissions
  • requires less energy
  • makes more cement with less raw materials
  • is whiter

CO2-cured concrete products:

  • are higher performing
  • cost less to produce
  • cure in less than 24 hours (opposed to 28 days required for traditional concrete)

Moreover, up to 100% of fresh water used during concrete manufacturing can be recovered.

These higher-performing products allow manufacturers to save time, money, and water - while using existing infrastructure, raw materials, production methods and specifications.

As a result, Solidia turns sustainable solutions into smart business.

Unlike most carbon reduction technologies, Solidia’s target markets - the $1 trillion global concrete and $300 billion global cement markets - are large enough to make a fast impact on the reduction of carbon emissions.

Each year, Solidia has the potential to eliminate at least 1.5 gigatonnes of CO2, save 3 trillion liters of fresh water, reduce energy consumption by as much as 260 million oil barrels (or 67 million tonnes of coal), and eliminate 100 million tonnes of concrete landfill - offering a rapid, globally scalable response to some of the greatest environmental threats the planet is currently facing.

Solidia’s broad adoption would help cement manufacturers meet or exceed the industry’s carbon reduction goals, as stated in the Cement Sustainability Initiative of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and the Global Cement and Concrete Association (GCCA).

Solidia adds value, and it is a smart business solution. It is also especially attractive to cement manufacturers and other CO2 emitters - Solidia’s technology will help them mitigate carbon taxes as ever-stringent CO2 regulations are enforced

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